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Welcome to the Tri-County Fly Fishers Website.  This Club is made up of about seventy Members from rank beginners to those with 50+ years of fly fishing and tying experience.  Fishing interests range from bluegills and bass to redfish and tarpon, with an occasional rainbow or brown trout from up north thrown in.  Membership is drawn from permanent and seasonal residents of those in and around the Florida counties of Lake, Marion and Sumter.
President's Message
Welcome and thanks to all members, new and old, who have chosen to be part of the Tri-County Fly Fishers Club. Slowly but surely, our summer “snowbird” members are trickling back to Florida to escape the cold weather. For those of you that have returned, I hope that you all had a great summer and we are looking forward to hearing about your fishing exploits. Here is what’s been happening and what coming is up in the next couple of months.

Evening Programs --
At our September evening meeting, we tried something a little different in that we had several club tiers set up around the room and tie their favorite fly. Instruction was given to those who wished to learn the art of fly tying as well as tips and tricks. Feedback from the enthusiastic group was very positive and we’ll do it again next year.

In October, myself and Mike Winter will present “Redfish on the Fly”, our recent fly fishing Redfish trip to Venice, Louisiana. This is one you won’t want to miss!

In November, Ed has asked former TCFF member Russ Hampton to speak about fishing in the Amazon and Mexico. This should be an excellent program and we’re looking forward to visiting with Russ once again.

Don’t forget October 10th & 11th -- IFFF Florida Council Fly Fishing Expo at The Plantation in Crystal River. There will be workshops, fly tying and fly casting, plus a program just for kids. There will be a reception on Friday evening and a banquet and live auction on Saturday evening.

Outings --
Tom Green has planned the following trips.
>> October 7th and 8th -- Saltwater Trip to Sebastian, FL, with an overnight stay at Capt. Hiram's Resort.
>> November 11 -- 8:00am Venetian Gardens, Leesburg. Lake Harris Fly Casting Rodeo and Fishing -- Boats, kayaks & fishing from the bank. There will be no saltwater trip due to Thanksgiving.
>> December 9 -- 8:00am. Crystal Bay. Kayaks will launch at SR-19 across from City Hall. No Freshwater trip due to Christmas.For information and dates for any of the upcoming Club trips, please see our website calendar page or contact Tom Green.

Project Healing Waters --

Sadly, the board has decided to end our partnership program with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. We’ve had wonderful willingness to participate in the program by TCFF members but the problem has been getting veterans from The Villages clinic who want to learn tying and casting to participate in the program.

Fly talk --
The Borski Slider
In lieu of my recent Louisiana Redfish trip, I thought it might be a good idea to post a proven Redfish pattern that works very well here in our home waters. Tim Borski’s Borski Slider was originally designed to catch trophy bonefish in the Florida Keys, but has proven to be a very effective fly for species such as redfish, permit and trout. The dancing action provided by the craft fur tail in combination with the breathing qualities of the hackle collar allows the fly to move with very little angler interaction. Another beautiful aspect of the Borski Slider has to do with the deer hair head. Flies with dumbbell eyes don’t always land as softly as those with bead chain or those without eyes at all. The deer hair head cushions the slider’s entry into the water and also slows the sink rate of the fly, which can be advantageous in skinny-water sight-fishing scenarios.

Thread: Flat wax nylon
Hook: No. 2 Mustad 34007
Eyes: Small, lead dumbbell eyes
Tail: Tan craft fur
Collar: Brown saddle hackle
Head: Tan deer body hair, spun & clipped

In the meantime...go fish! -- Larry
Wednesday Evening Meeting
Twenty-two Members, Visitors and Guests attended the September Fly Tying Expo at the Wildwood Community Center. Basic fly tying was demonstrated along with special techniques.
"The great charm of fly-fishing is that we are always learning."
-- Theodore Gordon
Fishing Montana's Bighorn River
by Dave Ferris
I did not think it was possible for four men to agree on a schedule to leave their families for a week of fishing on the Bighorn River in Montana. Well, George, Tom, Hans and myself, all members of the St. Paul Fly Tyers Club, proved that it was possible and in mid-August, we headed for Fort Smith, Montana.

We rented an efficiency cabin, lacking at least one star but quite comfortable and clean. On the first morning after arriving we paired up with two guides and fished a ten mile stretch of the Bighorn. The river water temperature was in the upper 50’s and the flow was 2400 cfs. The first day with the guides was very beneficial. They rigged up our terminal equipment and identified the places along the river where getting out and fishing the ripples and gravel bars was the right thing to do. Everybody caught brown and rainbow trout with the upper limit being 18 inches. Although we all had chances at larger fish, the leader tippet size and the hook size provided great advantage to the larger fish.

For the next three days a drift boat was delivered to the head of the stretch we wished to fish and our car was ferried to the take out point. The company then returned the boat to their location. This was quite a convenience. Fishing was good.

Most fish were taken on: #20 pseudonymph, #20 green wire brassie, #20 zebra midge, #20 CDC emergers both gray and green and #18 orange scud used as the top fly.

Great Trip, Great Friends, Great Fishing --Life is Good.
Buz Buszek Memorial Award Goes To Oscar Feliu
The International Federation of Fly Fishers’ Buz Buszek Fly Tying Award is the most prestigious award in the world of fly tying. The award was established as a memorial to Buz Buszek, a well-known fly tier and fly shop owner from California since 1943. The Club would like to recognize and congratulate one of the founding fathers of the TCFF, Oscar Feliu, in being awarded the Buz Buszek Fly Tying Award for 2014. Oscar is a member and founder of the Sunshine Fly Anglers here in The Villages. A 40 year member of the IFFF, he has created numerous fly patterns and has demonstrated his fly tying expertise throughout USA, Canada, Italy & England.
Louisiana Redfish
In September, TCFF President Larry Nazzaro, member Mike Winter and Larry's two sons, Nate and Trevor, traveled to Venice, LA, for two days of fly fishing for monster Gulf redfish. The "trip of a lifetime", guided by Flywater Expeditions, was an awesome experience! In two days of hard fought action, approximately 50-60 Redfish were landed between the two boats with none weighing less than 18 pounds. Check out a couple of the photos of these monsters! Larry will give a slide presentation of the trip at the October evening meeting.
If you want a Tri-County Fly Fishers logo on your favorite shirt, hat or crying towel for $12, contact:
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3451 Wedgewood Lane
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Fishing Great Bear Lake, Canada
by Chris Lyndrup
Some guys like to travel for great fish. Great Bear Lake, lying astride the Arctic Circle, is over 4000 miles from Ocala. Roughly 200 miles long by 100 miles wide with depths to 1,456 feet, it is a fantastic location to throw a fly line to lake trout, graying and arctic char. In August after long flights north, Chris Lyndrup and Richard Goodspeed arrived at Plummers Lodge. From there, they spent two days flying north a couple of hundred miles to Tree River Camp and the Arctic Ocean.

The extreme winter conditions on the lake restrict fish growth to half a pound a year, meaning that the average 10 pounders the guys landed were 20 years old. Great Bear Lake has a tremendous number of lake trout eager to bite! The record lake trout at Great Bear is 72 pounds. Presently all fishing is catch-and-release with the exception of shore lunch which Chris and Dick looked forward to every day. That far north also meant 20 daylight hours each day where the sun and the moon would be brilliant in the night skies at the same time.

The fly fishing on Tree River was quite technical due to the fast moving water. Richard caught one sixteen pound beautiful male arctic char that was protecting its bed. One evening at Tree River, Chris and Richard took a half hour boat ride down stream to see the Arctic Ocean.

Chris joined a group of six GBL fisherman on a fly out to the Sulky River and had a fantastic day fly fishing for grayling. The highlight of the day was helping a sixteen year old boy learn to cast his fly rod and catch his first grayling trout.

What a wonderful trip to remember!
Lessons Learned by Ed Rapisardi
Ladies and gentlemen of Fly Fishing, how are you all? Club President Larry Nazzaro and I have been toying with an idea that may be of interest to you. We really do not know enough about each other and we should. We are not suggesting an invasion of your privacy, we just think it would be interesting to learn how and when you became involved in this wonderful sport we call Fly Fishing. It will be strictly on a volunteer basis and might just serve as inspiration for some of our shyer members to come forward.

For example, I do not believe many of you know anything about our oldest member, Charlie Jacobs. We do not see him at our meeting or outings any longer as he is now approaching his 88th birthday. Barry Kent, Charlie and I, back in 1999 created The Lake County Fly Fishing Club here in Leesburg. In short time we were a pretty large club as people were eager to learn casting and tying flies. Charlie and I started an official class and taught casting and with great success. That being said, Charlie, an avid trout man from Pennsylvania, returned every year to his home waters for a week or more at a time as he so loved trout fishing in the famous streams of his state. Since he and I go back a long way I recognized that he was not an average caster, he was the most accurate caster I have ever seen in my 62 years of fly fishing. Charlie could cast a yarn fly 35 feet into your shirt pocket if you held it open. He rarely demonstrated that as he was not a bragger nor a show off. He was just deadly accurate.

Those are things few people know about one of our outstanding members.

We are not suggesting that you should have some extraordinary fly fishing talent, we want to hear new comers as well to tell us what motivated you and it is not embarrassing to let us know that you made a fool of yourself getting started. I did when I started, being self-taught, I quite often wrapped my errant cast around my head and body in full view of the many fly fishers who fished my home waters, the Beaverkill and the Willowemack Rivers in Roscoe, NY. No one was born with fly casting ability so what's to be embarrassed about -- it was part of the fun to foul up.

If you like the idea, let me know and we will do it.

Until next time then, keep your fly dry and watch your backcast.    Ed Rapisardi

(All Lessons Learned archived here.)
The Club welcomes any questions, comments, complaints, ideas, whatever -- just contact us at
--------- Fishin' Buddy Program ---------
Based on a program set up by the Mangrove Coast Fly Fishers to encourage its boat owners to go fly fishing with those who do not have access to boats, the TCFF is modifying its Fishin’ Buddy Program to be less restrictive as to when and where Members fish.

The Boat Owners signing up will be acknowledged at the Breakfast and Evening meetings and on the TCFF Website. It will be up to the Club Member wanting to fish to contact the Boat Owner, compare fishing styles, etc., and, by mutual agreement, whether or not to fish.
(As always, it is appropriate to share expenses.)
Boat Owner Gary Christie
Days available for fishing: Monday and Friday
15' bass boat
Areas Fished:  Local Lakes
Boat Owner Bill Kirchner Days available for fishing: Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday
16.5 ft Fisher
Areas Fished:  Harris Chain of Lakes
Boat Owner Bob Strunc Days available for fishing: Tuesday and Friday
Grumman 17' bass boat w/50 HP
Areas Fished:  Lake Harris
For information or to sign-up as a Boat Owner wanting to participate
in this program, contact Frank Matousek.


--------- Fly Fishing With Tom ---------
Monthly Club Fly Fishing Trip

Overnight trip to Sebastian (Indian River, Sebastian River and Sebastian Inlet). Wading, boats and kayaks. For information, contact Bob Heinbach.
Near Term Calendar (For long term calendar with full details, Click Here.)
(Special events are in Blue)
  • October 1st (Wednesday) -- Monthly Breakfast Meeting. The Pennbrooke Grill of Pennbrooke Fairways, Leesburg.
  • October 7th (Tuesday) -- Project Healing Waters. Veterans Administration Clinic on Highway 42 in The Villages.
  • October 7th and 8th (Tuesday and Wednesday) -- Overnight trip to Sebastian (Indian River, Sebastian River and Sebastian Inlet). For information, contact Bob Heinbach.
  • October 10th & 11th (Friday and Saturday) -- FFF Florida Council Fly Fishing Expo. The Plantation, Crystal River.
  • October 15th (Wednesday) -- Wednesday Evening Meeting. Wildwood Community Center. 7:00pm. Larry Nazzaro and Mike Winter will do a presentation of their recent excursion to the redfish fishery in Louisiana.
  • Week of October 20th -- Club Saltwater Fishing Trip. Date and location to be determined.
  • November 5th (Wednesday) -- Monthly Breakfast Meeting. The Pennbrooke Grill of Pennbrooke Fairways, Leesburg.
  • November 11th (Tuesday) -- Club Fresh Water Fishing Trip. Bass and Bagels at Venetian Gardens, Leesburg.
  • November 11th (Tuesday) -- Project Healing Waters. Veterans Administration Clinic on Highway 42 in The Villages.
  • November 19th (Wednesday) -- Wednesday Evening Meeting. Wildwood Community Center. 7:00pm. Russ Hampton will do a presentation about his recent fly fishing trip to the Amazon River. 

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